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In the. year 1.954, His Excellency Maharaja Bahadur Sri Kamal Singh Jee of Dumraon Raj established a Degree college at Ara in the memory of his grandfather Mah~lraja Bahadur Ram Ran Vijay Singh Jee under the name of Maharaja Bahadur Ram Ran Vijay Prasad Singh college, popularly known as Maharaja college and after 1.0 years, His Excellency Maharaja Bahadur Sri Kamal Singh Jee hilmself being a Law graduate, conceived the idea of opening a faculty of Law in the year 1964 as a department, of the same college under the able administration of Sri J. P. Singh, the then Principal of Maharaja college, who was an eminent educationist of his days. Sri J. N. Sahay, an eminent Law teacher of Patna Law college was also invited by Maharaja Bahadur to head the department of Law of Maharaja college and thus, under the able guidance of Maharaja Bahadur, Sri J. P. Singh and Sri J. N. Sahay, The faculty of law gradually' developed and progressed. Thus, it has been proud privilege of being proud privilege of being the first institution of Law in the region of Shahabad, the area of V. K. S. University. It may be mentioned here that Maharaja college was established under Bihar University and then transferred to Magadh University. Afterwards, the college was taken over by the government as a constituent unit of Magadh University in 1972. The department of Law has had p~rmanent affiliation of Bar Council Co, India. Under the scheme to make Law studies serious and popular study, the Bar Council of India asked University ,authorities to convert the department of Law attached to Degree college to independent Law college.' Hence, at a persuasion of Bar Council of India, under the able guidance of the, then Principal Dr. Gandhiji Roy, the department of Law was transformed into Maharaja Law College by the University authorities in the year 1999 . and since then, the .former department of Law of Maharaja college is being known as Maharaja Law College.
At present, the college is being run in the campus of Maharaja college. Considering the difficulties in running an independent Law college in the campus of Maharaja college, the University authorities persuaded administration of Maharaja college to set apart nearly 3.5 acres of land for the construction of Law College. Thereafter, under the able guidance of Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Dr. Subhash Prasad Sinha, Pro. V. C. Dr. Tapan Kumar Shandilya and the Registrar of the University, separate building of Law college is under construction. Hence, the college may be shifted to the new premises within a short span of time.

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