Early College 欧冠下注

Earn college credit while still in High School with Lakes Region Community College’s Early College 欧冠下注

Early College at Your High School

的 Early College at Your High School program enables high school students to take community college courses in their high school for college credit.

What grades are eligible? Any student grades 10-12 (Students in ninth grade with special permission can take Early College at the High School classes but aren’t eligible for the CCSNH Scholarship.)

What classes are offered? 的 number and types of college classes available at each high school varies depending on the experience and background of the teachers at the high school.

多少钱? Take up to 2 courses per year at 没有成本 and pay $150 per additional course! (奖学金 are applied automatically when students register.)

Who teaches the courses? 的 courses are taught by teachers you already know in your school, who have college-level teaching credentials and use a college syllabus and course materials. 的se courses are taken as part of the daily class schedule and are considered “dual enroll” which means these courses also satisfy high school credits.

Will these credits transfer? 是的. 的se credits are eligible to transfer to most colleges and universities.

Is it possible to graduate high school with an associate degree? 是的,是这样的! If you start as a Sophomore and take 20 college courses over 3 years, you can complete a majority of the requirements of an associate degree! 这太酷了?

How do I sign up for Early College at Your High School? Fill out this quick 调查形式 and you will be contacted. For more detailed questions, contact 肖娜年轻, Early College Coordinator at: (电子邮件保护)

欧冠下注 serves the following high schools:

贝尔蒙特 GilfordInter-Lakes
J. Olivia Huot Tech CenterKingswood区域拉科尼亚
拉科尼亚基督教 Lin-WoodMoultonborough学院

We have established formal pathways with the schools below where high school students can begin their college work for certain 欧冠下注 programs:

富兰克林高中烹饪艺术, 糕点艺术, 先进制造
Seacoast School of Tech烹饪艺术
Somersworth High School烹饪艺术

Early College on Campus (at Lakes Region Community College)

的 Early College at the College program enables high school students to take community college courses on campus at Lakes Region Community College for college credit.


  1. You must be at least 16 years old (this can be waived based on parent or school counselor approval of readiness.)
  2. You must have transportation.


  1. 完成这个 调查形式 and 欧冠下注 will get back to you with detailed information on the course(s) available in the upcoming semester.
  2. Share this information with your school counselor to ensure that you are approved to take the course and that these college credits will count towards high school graduation.
  3. Complete the online registration form and include email contact information for your school counselor and a parent or guardian so they can provide consent for you take college classes at 欧冠下注.


Early College at the College classes are eligible for the CCSNH scholarship and, once the scholarships are used, qualify for a tuition discount which equals half off tuition and comprehensive fees. This discounted rate does not include the cost of textbooks or classroom materials.

What classes are offered? We offer a variety of classes. Visit our course schedule webpage to learn more about the classes that are offered at 欧冠下注 each semester.

When do they start/end? Our courses are offered in full semester as well as more accelerated formats and have varying start times. A majority of our courses meet once a week for a selected period of time.


早期大学在线 is a dual credit program that gives high school students the opportunity to take 100% online college courses through the Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH) while earning high school and college credit simultaneously. 早期大学在线 allows you to: 

  • Earn high school and college credit for the same online course 
  • Access your class anytime/anywhere to fit your busy schedule 
  • Learn from highly qualified CCSNH faculty
  • Gain valuable experience with college coursework 
  • Transfer credits to many colleges and universities 
  • Save money – tuition is only $150 plus the cost of textbooks 

Course offerings can be found at the CCSNH网站


Want to sign up for a class but not sure how? For more information on all of these opportunities, email 肖娜年轻, Director for Enrollment Management and Onboarding, or 发送询盘.